Three Different Ways To Say Fuck You e​.​p.

by Aokigahara

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Recorded Fall 2014-Fall 2015 at the S'Wallow Valley Mall & Pizza Court by a dude who just don't give a fuck.


released February 15, 2016

Released by:

Off Cloud Nine Label
Friendly Otter
Zegema Beach Records
Ozona Records
Dingleberry Records
Contrition Records



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Off Cloud Nine Label Michigan

DIY record/tape label from Michigan.

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Track Name: The reason why we can't go to the video store anymore
Burned again by their deception
Other’s words bleeding through you lips
When your time is up and you can’t
Think for yourself, you’re fucking a dead man

All I can do is fucking laugh
Because you chose the wrong path

Now your hands are stained

And the blood will never wash off…

Because we know the truth
Evidence to say fuck you

Now dig your grave
Track Name: Do you want Uncle Damien to put some lead in you, son?
You have proven your point
You’re useless
Now tremble and cower up in shame

We can see through your lies

Now fucking face it…
Your passion was bogus to me
Your reaction proved you are weak

Now run away…
Face it
Your time is running out

And you’re to blame
You’re all the fucking same
Track Name: Drawing a circle around yourself and living in it for days...
If I would have known the words that came out of your mouth were lies, I would have never confided in you

The words you said, they were complete shit and they mean nothing to me.

Take back all your words. Take back what you stood for. You’re full of shit and we can all see through it.

What lies underneath all the reasons why you turned you back on your word.